Monday, February 29, 2016

Match Report: Loko vs Ashford Rangers

A Loss, Two Goals and Plenty Frustration

" What A Difference A Week Makes! "

Following last weeks fantastic win against top of the table Ravens, this week had Banana Skin written all over it! Ashford started this season by introducing themselves to each other on the pitch of their first game. Up until the new year they hadn't won a game and two of their losses were in fact to us, by big margins. 

 Since the New Year they have bought in some new players and learned to play as a team, don't get me wrong, they are not good, however, they certainly are a lot better. 

 The day started bad with the kit being delayed, no warm up and two players deciding not to play after making themselves available . With three of our four strikers missing goals were always going to be hard to come by today. With James, Matt, Tony and Colin all not 100% this was looking harder by the minute. The Skipper played further forward supporting the returning James. 

The first half was pretty safe on both sides , not many chances created but Loko, with Neil back in good form, we looked solid and passed well and never looked like conceding, however scoring was looking just as bleak! 

Half Time

 The second half started slow, as per Loko. A silly free kick given away led to a deflected shot from Ashford that in turn led to a corner. The result saw a long ball into the Loko area where a sandwiched Gary was clearly impeded and the resulting loose ball was put into the Loko Net. 1-0 

 As Loko chased the game we were hit with breaks and long balls. A lost ball deep in Ashford territory led them to break the whole pitch straight at our goal and a miss hit shot went passed Colin.  2-0

 Hardly anything else noticeable happened through the rest of the game except a return to us getting on each other's back! The game two weeks previous saw this and we were well beaten, a return to this will only ever be negative and a loss each time can be expected. 

We defended fairly well but didn't create chances for our forwards who in turn didn't create chances for themselves or finish chances had. The 12ft tall Ashford number 5 won every single ball we hit, free kicks, Corners, throw inns and long balls he was always there!!

Full Time

Ashford Rangers 2-0 Loko

Weekly Three Questions

Did we deserve to win today? No
Did we put in in today? No
Man Of The Match?

 No outstanding performances anywhere on the pitch, hence the two goal loss, however, on first half performances Neil was back in great form today. Battled well, defended well and went on his old trademark runs.

Final Thought

Bad preparation, Injury's, and a come down from last weeks high all led to us losing today. The return of arguing amongst each other needs to be eradicated in every form possible.

This match report mimics our performance today....Toilet!

With a Cup Semi-Final next week we need to be on form, together as a team, and giving 100%. We know how capable we are so lets show this. 

Quote Of The Week

" Win if you can, Lose if you must, But Never Quit "

Up The Loko!!

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