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Back Row: Tony, Scott, Rob, Mark, Matt, Lee, Gary, Luke, Colin
Front Row: Neil, Ash, Hayden, Danny, Mason, James, Dave

The club was founded in 1990 and used to combine the staff of French Railways and Gites de France, a French tour operator, both based in Piccadilly and the club used to go under the name of French Railways.

In 1995, the club was renamed Lokomotiv Londres FC once French Railways subsidies were withdrawn.

Lokomotiv Londres FC used to play in the Barnesalona League in South West London, then joined the Sportsmans League in 2009. In Sept 2015, the club moved to the Chessington Sunday League and the club's new homeground is Churchfields in Chessington.

In May 2013, we finished third in our division and got promoted to division 1 of the Sportsman's League for the 2013-14 season.

In August 2014, Loko got promoted to the Sportsmans's League Senior Amateur Division

In Sept 2015, Loko switched to a new league, the Chessington Sunday League, Division 3.

Since 1992, Lokomotiv has also been competing in the annual Old Boys European Railways Tournament along with 7 other teams from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Poland. The 2016 tournament will be taking place in South West France in mid May 2016.

Club Honours include:

Old Boys European Railways Tournament:
Winner 1993 & 2009
Runners-up: 1992, 1998, 2007, 2011 and 2014

Ron Halfacre Cup:
Runners-up: 2013

The management (and playing) team include:
Matt Fanthom: Manager
Gary Mustoe: Assistant Manager
Hayden Harbud: Club Secretary 

Membership is £25 per season. Match subs (up to £7) due after each game.

For further information or to find out about joining the club, email us at lokomotivelondre@hotmail.com or call 07790114725

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