Monday, November 02, 2015

Match Report: Loko v AFC Surbiton

Fog, 3 Bangers & A Draw

Q. When does a draw feel like a loss?
A. When its in the 90th Minute

To some extent I could of just cut and pasted the last 2 weeks match reports to save time this week. Same old story on the outside, but closer analysis of the game showed an underlying difference this week .

 Injuries and unavailable players made team selection very easy this week! With only 11 players available including our two goalkeepers and a 50% fit Gary, today was always gonna be a hard fight! Switching round positions and keeping faith with formation was going to be key today. 

Halloween weekend brought the fog to the game with damp conditions making a nice sliding pitch. A good start was imperative today and sure enough Loko got this. We pressed and hurried the opposition from kick off! Luke's head was like a magnet to the ball, every throw inn, free kick and most goal kicks were won by him. James being James, was a constant pain in the backside for the opposition, running of Luke's headers and outpacing defender after defender with it.

The pressing paid off after 20 minutes as Hayden pushed their Right winger into losing the ball and passed crossed field to Dave F who hit a shot from way outside the box. As he hit it, Gary had already turned his back towards our goal calling for people to get back in positions,turn and face, as we all assumed row Z was calling, however, he hit it so sweetly it almost unpinned the back of the net he had earlier, so proudly, put up himself. 
Banger number 1!
1-0 ( ronaldo-esk fantastic Goal! )

A buoyant Loko pressed still for more as we sensed and knew we were better than this team. Danny, today playing on the right wing was as solid as previous weeks with even more attacking presence, this led to him going through one on one with the keeper who spread himself and saved the shot. A goalkeeper at left back may seem risky but Tony put in a full shift using his goalkeeping kicks to clear danger. Scott was settled at centre back calling the line to good effect. Neil at right back, barked orders and swept up danger with clearances and menacing runs into midfield and beyond. Colin was dominant in goal, punching from corners and punting the ball so high above the foggy clouds you had no idea when or where it was coming down.

Midfield, although different this week was doing its Job. Matt sprayed impressive balls out wide, both sides, to set up attacks, whilst Hayden hastled and Headed his way through the half with Gary obliging to his given Makalele role, sitting, Paroling and heading in front of the back four.

Half Time 1-0

The second half came with a warning as standard, for Loko! Pace, pressure and persistence was to be maintained. This seemed to be the case for the first ten minutes as we continued where we left of at the end of the second half. Luke was so strong in the air winning absolutely everything attacking and defending. Unfortunately on the hour mark, a high ball forward from Surbiton was allowed to bounce just outside our area and their number 23, their best player by far, smacked the ball straight over Colin into the roof of the net! Banger No.2!

Gary trying literally, to fill his brothers smaller boots was left injured when stamped on his foot. This led to him being temporarily sidelined and Loko down to 10. With Surbiton a player up and the wind in their sails an expected onslaught seemed imminent. But it never materialised? Instead Loko went forward. Dave pushed on down the left combining with James and Luke with all three providing balls in the box. Pressure led to five corners in five minutes for Loko! Matt, left footed, swang 4 out the 5 right into the danger zone with missed chances a plenty from Loko! The final corner, just like every high ball today, was met by Our number 5 heading machine. Luke out jumping everyone to head home , Boof!

10 minutes to go and Gary back on, we sat deeper hoping our luck had changed and a win seemed imminent. Surbiton pressed with long balls into the area and some heart in the mouth defending moments and good saves from Colin took us to 90 minutes. A final defensive clearance to Luke in midfield who's volley away hit Hayden and rebounded straight into the path of their No.23 who once again hit the ball from outside the area and straight postage stamp shot, boom! Banger 3.
2-2 ( Superb Strike! )

Final Whistle! #Gutted

Weekly 3 Questions:

1. Did we deserve to win?  Yes ( Again )
2. Did we put it in today?  Yes ( Again )
3. Man of the Match?

 Once again everyone was Solid and a special mention needs to be made ( although we will never mention this again ) in recognition of Dave's Great Goal! We all thought there was more chance of a P45 being found in his locker than that. However Luke's presence cannot be overlooked, continued strength and a threat in every role he was asked to play in, so this weeks award goes to Luke.

Football Quote Of The Week

The louder you shout the more you get
.Matt Fanthom 2015

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