Sunday, October 26, 2014

Match Report: Loko vs London St George

Sportsman's League,
Senior Amateur Division

Sun 26 October 2014
Loko 0 vs London St George 6


After the punctuality debacle of the past two weeks, it was good to see the majority of the team turn up an hour in advance and take to the field in preparation for the game.

Before the game kicked off, Ivan announced to the squad that, following Woody's resignation, Matt had been named as our new manager and Gary appointed as his trusty assistant.

Unlike the previous week and despite St George looking like a very good team, Loko were on the back foot but looked composed, despite St George's constant penetrating forays down our right side in particular.

On 8 minutes, one of these runs resulted in Tom tackling their forward rather vigorously. Penalty. Their number 8 took it well but John saved it even better... to every Loko player's relief...

Loko now had their tails up and a confident Adil strike on the edge of their box was saved by their goalie and James T was unlucky with the rebound.

On 15 minutes, a low, hard ball across our box saw their number 11 smash the ball into John's roof from 1 yard out.

Loko 0 vs London St George 1

Despite this early setback, Loko looked rather solid but, up front, our two skilful forwards were not getting a sniff of goal. Their centre backs were nippy and strong and very aware of any danger and both Adil and James T had very little to feed on.

The Neil-Terry defensive pairing was still looking solid with Terry in particular averting danger on many occasions but Loko were unable to create danger in the middle of the park and upfront.

On 30 minutes, St George scored again as their big number 11 strode confidently into our box like a goal machine and slammed it into John's far corner.

Loko 0 vs London St George 2

On 41 minutes John, yet again, saved from a free-kick on the edge of the box but, unfortunately, Loko conceded another goal just before half time.

Loko 0 vs London St George 3

No angry words were exchanged at half time as all our players were aware that St George were a very good team indeed.

On 50 minutes, James T passed the ball in the middle to Dave F who looked like he had a chance of reducing the deficit but Dave put the ball wide as the ball bobbled on the pitch.

Loko now looked like they were running out of imagination and steam... As Adil went off after a strong tackle on his ankle from behind, you wondered how Loko would be able to threaten the St George goal. James L came on for Adil and played on the wing closely followed by Gary who decided to have a go and play in midfield despite his tight groin.

On 62 minutes, St George scored again as the game was being stretched and their speedy number 7 capitalised on a long pass over our defence and chipped John from 15 yards out.

Loko 0 vs London St George 4

St George scored two more goals and Loko's heads dropped completely as we realised that nothing was going to stop them.

Final score: Loko 0 vs London St George 6

True, St George were better than us and we will see a lot of them in the next 3 weeks as we are playing them on 9th and 16th November. So how can we beat them? On our day, although lacking speed and stamina in the middle of the park, we can show great determination and a winning mentality as we have shown by coming back in previous games... Although they don't look like that kind of team, St George might think they can walk all over us next time so let's show them that, when we really want to, we can do ourselves justice. Maybe new manager Matt will hatch a master plan to deny them? Who's up for it? Answer in 2 weeks' time as we haven't got a game on 2 Nov.

M.O.M: On the evidence of today, John is probably the only player in our team who could force his way into St George's team so the award goes to him. Second place goes to Terry who did well in the centre of our defence.

Line-up: John - Tom, Neil, Terry, Mark - Danny, Matt (then Ivan 80'), Dave F, Dan (then Gary, 70') - Adil (then James L), James T.

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