Sunday, April 28, 2013

Match Report: Sporting Club Santar vs Loko

Sportsman's League (Div 2)
Sunday 28 April
Sporting Club Santar 1 vs Loko 3


Sporting Club Santar gave us a good game last time we played them: a skilful outfit, they only lacked a more clinical touch and we beat them 3-0. With this in mind, manager Terry deployed a cautious line-up with the emphasis on a tight defence and a combative midfield.

Loko started very well and dominated the game in the first 10 minutes. However, the only incident of note was a long range effort by Luke that was easily saved by their keeper.

On 11 minutes, ADIL nicked the ball off their right back who was dithering on the ball on the edge of their box and he scored from 8 yards out to the right of the keeper.

Sporting Club Santar 0 vs Loko 1

5 minutes later, Dave passed through the defence down the middle to Adil who again found himself one on one against their keeper. Adil rounded him and almost passed the ball into the empty goal but one of their defenders made a last ditch goal line clearance. 

This was followed by a cross by Terry from the right that saw Lawrence attempt an overhead kick with his back to the wall and a contender for goal of the season but his kick went wide.

As the half progressed, Santar got hold of the game and the last 20 minutes were more dangerous for us but again they missed numerous chances and Loko reached the half way mark in a winning position.

Luke gave way to Jake who was going to use his speed to try and cause panic in the midst of the Santar defence and this coincided with an excellent Loko spell where Loko were building from the back, passing through the middle and pressing Santar, too.

On 59 minutes a Dave F cross found Adil whose header bounced off the bottom of a Santar defender and the back of another one and ended up in the back of the net. 

Sporting Club Santar 0 vs Loko 2

Soon after that, on 67 minutes, further dithering between their keeper and one of their defenders  saw a clearance bounce off Jake’s back and ADIL again found himself clear on goal and our number  9 struck a decisive 4th  goal and surely a point of no return for Santar.

Sporting Club Santar 0 vs Loko 3

With 20 minutes to go, Terry limped off the pitch and was replaced by Ivan who went in as centre half whilst Tommy was now tasked with holding the midfield.

On 75 minutes, Ismail tried to clear a cross from the right but instead the ball bounced off him and into the path of their number 10 who slammed the ball in John’s top right corner.

Sporting Club Santar 1 vs Loko 3

Then followed a few tense moments where Santar slammed the crossbar from 20 yards out and the game turned into a war of attrition where Loko were being tested from all angles but the whole team fought hard to secure a deserved three  points.

Man of the Match: ADIL who scored 2 decisive goals and was instrumental in the 3rd done. Special mentions to John and Luke

Line-up: John – Terry (then Ivan 70’), Neil, Tommy, Marcel – Luke (then Jake, 46’), Ismail, Lawrence, Dave F, James - Adil

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