Sunday, March 24, 2013

Match Report: Pacific Sporting Jubilee vs Loko

Sportsman's League (Div 2)
Sunday 24 March
Pacific Sporting Jubilee 2 Loko 7


After the disappointing performance the previous week, Loko were really up for it under the guidance of returning captain Terry. Facing us was a weak Pacific Sporting Jubilee and it is fair to say that we made mincemeat of their team in the first half. 

On 7 mns, Terry kicked a long ball from midfield over the top to ADIL, who scored bottom left.

On 11mns Dave K launched a ball over the Pacific defence on to ADIL who, again, scored from an incredibly tight angle.

On 15 mns, a
Terry ball over the top to DAVE K saw our midfielder extraordinaire score past their oncoming keeper.

On 25 mns, Dave K ran down the left wing and pulled back for to ADIL to score again.

On 37 mns, a Dave F corner found ADIL who twisted and scored off one of their defender a comical goal in slow motion.

On 42 mns, the corner was taken rapidly with the ball passed on to Dave K who crossed to LUKE who slotted it in from 8 yards.

Half time: Pacific Sporting Jubilee 0 vs Loko 6

At half time, there was talk of Loko beating their all time scoring record and Terry reiterated to the lads that there should be no complacency. Yet, Loko did just that. Pacific now had the bit between the teeth and were now threatening the Loko defence. Their talented number 4 in particular was leading the charge and now causing panic in our half.
Surely enough, Pacific pulled two goals back, the first one from a cross from the left that took the defence napping and saw their centre forward slot the ball past John.

The second one was in the same vein and saw their number 13 score unchallenged.

It could have got worse had the otherwise excellent ref spotted that Terry saved our blushes by retrieving the ball way behind the goal line.

However, Loko put the game completely out of Pacific's reach on 85 mns when an exchange of passes from  James to Adil and then onto TERRY saw him slam it from a tight angle on the edge of the box into the right corner.

M.O.M: Ths one's got to go to Adil on account of his 4 goals. Special mention to Terry and Luke.

Line-up: John - Neil, Ismail (then Andre 60'), Ivan, Marcel - Luke, Terry, Dave F, Dave K, James - Adil 

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