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Match Review: Loko vs Parklife B

Sportsmans League (Div 2)
Sunday 6 Jan
Loko 4 vs Parklife B 2


Loko took to the field on a misty Sunday morning in their tried and tested 4-3-2-1 formation. With the return of their full attacking power complete with Dave K (pictured above) who was making his football comeback after a 7 month absence, Loko were odds on to shake off their pre-Christmas blues (at the hands of Wessex Rangers who defeated twice us last year) and win comfortably against a team currently languishing in the lower half of the table.

The early signs, though, were not too promising. Loko started unsteadily and were unable to keep possession. On the other hand, Parklife B were being ambitious and launching attack after attack whilst the Loko forwards were feeding on scraps. Danger loomed on 17 minutes where a Parklife byeline cross from our left hand side saw the ball zip across the goalmouth but, thankfully, with no one to tuck it in. Midfield, in particular, was a problem as we lacked an enforcer in the middle of the park against Parklife’s relentless domination.

However, luck was, again, on our side when, on 14 minutes, Jake launched Dave K down the right wing who crossed the ball to JAMES T positioned 4 yards away from the opposing goal. James duly connected with the cross and placed it casually to the right of their keeper and into the net.

Loko 1 vs Parklife B 0

In the following 30 minutes or so, it became glaringly obvious that the goal was against the run of play as Loko looked even more unsteady and were not able to develop their game. In defence though, Neil and Terry in particular were keeping the Parklife forwards at bay.

We created yet another chance though when, following a quickly taken throw-in from the right, Adil strode forward a la Van Persie vs West Ham in the FA Cup and looked like he was going to score a wonder goal but his shot ended up at the feet of James T on the left hand side who curled the ball towards the far post but it went wide.

Half time: Loko 1 vs Parklife B

Despite our poor first half, Captain Terry decided against a reshuffle and only made one half time substitution.  His conservative approach seemed to pay off on 57 minutes though when Adil, who’d been running his socks off, scarpered down the right wing and passed the ball deep into the Parklife B defence onto DAVE K who shook off his marker in style and scored with a corkscrew shot that spun past the keeper and into the net.

Loko 2 vs Parklife B

This was soon followed by yet another Loko goal when, on 63 minutes, Adil, who turned out to be the assist master throughout, crossed from the right again for JAMES T to tap in from 5 yards out.

Loko 3 vs Parklife B

This marked the end of the Loko domination for the game’s last 27 minutes saw us desperately trying to repel attack after attack from Parklife with Neil, Terry and John in particular showing great composure and effort . But Parklife did manage to reduce the score from a relatively anodyne cross from the right which their number 10 slotted into the Loko goal.

Loko 3 vs Parklife B 1

Loko managed to give themselves a cushion with 16 minutes to go when Jake surged forward from defence and passed to DAVE F into the box, who despite his injury that rendered him less than mobile for the last 20 minutes of the game got enough strength left to curl the ball from the right hand side of the box off the far post into the back of the net.

 Loko 4 vs Parklife B 1

Parklife managed to pull one back on 82 minutes when their centre forward scored from the middle of the box past Ivan and Terry and off John’s left post but it was not enough to destabilise Loko who were now fighting tooth and nail to hang on to their first win of 2013.

Final score:  Loko 4 vs Parklife B 2

Club Secretary Ivan said: “Not exactly a vintage performance but it was good to break our hoodoo and finally win in the month of January!!! Roll on next week and the game vs undefeated Sporting Santar!”

Man of the Match: The return of Dave K the Rover means a M.O.M award in recognition of his hard work, assist and goal. Special mention to Adil for his offensive play and two assists and Neil and Terry  for their never-say-die attitude.

Line-up: John – Jake, Neil, Terry, Marcel (then Joe 60’) – Ismail (then Andre 60’), Lawrence (then Ivan 45’), Dave F - Dave K, James T - Adil


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