Sunday, October 21, 2012

Match Review: Loko vs Wessex Rangers

League - Sportsmans League, Division 2
Sunday 21 Oct
Loko 1 vs Wessex Rangers 3


Loko took to the field in high spirits after yet another good result the week before. For a change, Loko seemed to be starting well too. Passes were slick, the midfield was tighter than usual thanks to the addition of Luke who was playing a la Gerrard and our forwards were shimmying in and out of the big Wessex’s defenders grasp.

Wessex were under the cosh but their counter attacks were fast and furious. On 15 minutes, a long ball down the left hand side of the pitch saw a Wessex player cross the ball past the statuesque Loko defence and being tapped into the empty net by their diminutive number 7 at the far post.
Loko 0 vs Wessex Rangers 1

6 minutes later, a long throw in from the left took the whole defence by surprise and, as Said was being fouled, their number 10 slotted the ball into the back of the net at the far post.
Loko 0 vs Wessex Rangers 2

Needless to say, Loko were knocked for six – or rather three when Loko went another goal behind from an almost carbon copy of the first goal.
Loko 0 vs Wessex Rangers 3

Thankfully, 10 mns later, Adil shook off his marker and crossed the ball into the box and their central defender scored an own goal.

Half time: Loko 1 vs Wessex Rangers 3

The talk at half time was all about Loko having played their best half of the season, keep playing their game whilst being more aggressive and tighter in defence.

Loko resumed action hoping to turn the game but it simply wasn’t happening. Time and time again, the Railwaymnen were overcomplicating things, shooting without conviction or skying the ball.

Tommy went up front and tried to make his presence felt whilst Terry pushed back into defence but it wasn’t working. As the clock was ticking, Wessex were growing in confidence and were always threatening on the break.

At the same time, Loko were dropping like flies and some of our players might have been better off the pitch as they were visibly handicapped. The game fizzled out as it was becoming obvious that it was not going to be Loko’s day!

Club Secretary Ivan said: “Our great run was bound to come to an end. We’re still second in the league so let’s make sure that we get back to winning ways next week vs Battersea Elite.”

Man of the Match: Luke played superbly today and is a fantastic addition to the squad but M.O.M goes to Terry who showed great fighting spirit.

Line-up: John – Neil, Said (then Andre, 60’), Tommy, Ivan (then Marcel 20’) – Luke, Dave F, Kevin (then Lawrence 55’), Terry – Adil, James T


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