Sunday, September 30, 2012

Match Report: Wandsworth Wanderers vs Loko

League - Sportsmans League, Division 2
Sunday 30 Sept
Wandsworth Wanderers 1 vs Loko 1


It was not looking promising. With goalie John unavailable and understudy Terry suffering from food poisoning for a solid (sic) three days in the run-up to the game and being sick just before the game, would this spell the end of Loko’s run? Not quite.

As usual, Loko didn’t exactly steam their way into the game. Passes went astray all over the pitch and with more attack-minded players than ever before this season, Loko looked unbalanced and hesitant.

The odd exception was Adil who would take his chance from every angle, including a free kick and a shot from almost 30 yards out. But this didn’t seem to worry Wanderers too much. The men in pink were not exactly brilliant either but they were putting pressure on the Loko defence.

However, with Terry’s adrenaline pumping you wouldn’t have guessed he was writhing in agony before the game for he was keeping us in the game, being well supported by a solid defence who were fighting from the trenches with Neil making a convincing debut as right back, Marcel giving his all and Said and Ivan working hard to keep the Loko boat afloat.

Nothing much happened though during a non-descript first half. Half-time: Wandsworth Wanderers 0 vs Loko 0.

As the second half got underway, Wanderers were piling on the pressure. Sure enough, this paid off when one of their attacks on the right hand side of our defence saw their unmarked number 11 unleash a venomous shot from the edge of the box into Terry’s top left corner. Wandsworth Wanderers 1 vs Loko 0.

Loko were now feeling aggrieved and were trying, albeit awkwardly, to show what they could do. On 71 minutes, a deep ball through the Wanderers defence saw JAMES T pick up the ball from the far left on the edge of the box and score from 15 yards out as the ball flew over the keeper into the far corner.  Wandsworth Wanderers 1 vs Loko 1.

As both teams were trying to break the deadlock, things got a bit nasty when Adil scythed one of their players in the middle of the park and handbags were in evidence for a while as the ref was finding it hard to keep the game under control.

Wanderers were now shooting from every angle and Loko’s resilience was put to the test. As the final whistle went and with one point being the best Loko could have hoped for, the Loko men were all smiles. Well, almost all except for Kevin who lost his head and had a go at the ref and snatched the yellow card the man in black was brandishing, tore it up and threw it all up in the air. A messy end to a messy match.

Club Secretary Ivan said: “Not a great game to watch but we got a point. We need to keep our tempers under control though. We’ve been getting red and yellow cards for the past two games. We’re talking up to £25 fine a pop, which the club cannot afford, so if you get a card, you pay.

M.O.M: He showed bravery and commitment when other players either gave up or didn’t even turn up so M.O.M goes to Terry. Special mention to Neil, Lawrence and James T.

Line-up: Terry – Neil, Said, Ivan, Marcel – Dave F, Lawrence (then Andre, 60’), Kevin -Adil, James P – James T


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